How to get Sonos to tell me when my team scores

Hey guys,

I want to get my Sonos player to tell me with a custom message that my team scored… I went through IFTTT, but it can only turn my Sonos ‘on’ (whatever that means).

Anybody know how/if this can be done?



That would be freaking awesome!

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This blog post might help you. Its not too hard to follow.

I can solve the IFTTT --> SmartThings --> Sonos component for you - you then just need to get the appropriate trigger in IFTTT (e.g. from a Twitter feed or whatever else can give you your team’s goal events). There is one caveat - discussed right at the end…

Note: The following assumes you have already setup both Sonos and IFTTT within SmartThings.

Step 1 - Use the SmartThings IDE to add a virtual momentary button.

  • In the IDE go to “My Devices
  • Click the “+ New Device” button
  • On the “Create Device” screen, give it a name (e.g. “Goal!
    Button”), a device network ID (e.g. “GoalButton”), set the Type to
    "Momentary Button Tile" and set the Location to the appropriate
    location from the drop down list, then click the “Create” button.

Step 2 - Allow IFTTT to use the new momentary button

  • In the SmartThings app on your phone, from the Dashboard go to
    "SmartThings Internal" and tap the IFTTT tile.
  • When the IFTTT app opens, open the “Which Switches” option and tick
    the entry against the momentary button switch you created in step 1.

Step 3 - Connect your momentary button to a Sonos message

  • In the SmartThings app on your phone, in the dashboard, scroll all
    the way to the button and press the “+” button.
  • At the top, scroll the horizontal list of options (which starts with
    "Things") across to “More
  • In the list below, select “SmartThings Labs
  • Scroll down to find and then select the “Sonos Notify with Sound” smartapp
  • Click the “Install” button
  • For the “Play When” setting, scroll down and select the “Switch
    Turned On” option
  • Select the momentary push button you created in Step 1
  • Scroll down and set the rest of the options as you see fit (i.e. set
    a custom message or select a track to play, choose the Sonos on which
    you want the notification to play, give this instance of the smartapp
    an appropriate name, etc.).

That’s it - you now have a virtual switch which is visible in your IFTTT channel which, when turned on, will cause your selected notification to play on your selected Sonos player.

There is, though, one big gotcha - there can be significant latency in IFTTT - it can take up to fifteen minutes between the triggering event and IFTTT then turning on your switch. Unfortunately this is just the way IFTTT works; there’s nothing you can do about it if you’re going to use IFTTT.

I was trying to come up with a way using IFTTT too. This is elaborate, but it actually works. Nice solution!!!

After getting super frustrated on Sonos and smartthings I found Yonomi. This thing seems to do most of what I need including Akexa support. Yet another interface but working…