Live Logging forever?

Is there a way to do persistent live logging? When something happens it’s too late to turn on logging. I want to be able to look back at events. If there is concern about too much data there can be a limit on the retention period but it is important to be able to know “how we got here”.


On the IDE, you can go to my devices, (click on whatever device you want), scroll down to Events, click List Events.

using our service, you can use a smart-app to send the data to another service to keep track of all the logs, however our list events already provide the last 7 days. There’s a few smarts in the forums of users that has created to do 3rd party external log-keeping.


Hi April…

The Event Lists don’t go into as much detail as the Live Logging web page; at least … I’ve tried to reconcile the difference in the granularity.

Unfortunately, Live Logging only works while “live” (doh!) and has no scrollback when not Live.

whoop! :slight_smile: Sorry - I’m going to use the classic excuse that I just started, and wanted to try to answer it. Sorry for the false information Bob! :frowning:

I appreciate your effort to help. I guess I can implement some of my own logging but the lack of effective IDE and incomplete documentation make me wary about adding more code.

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Also, is it just me or does the Live Logging tab in the IDE stop updating after several minutes?

Darn… I think you’re right. I’ll refresh my Live Logging tab now and see how log in stay … alive.
Could it just be the IDE login authorization timeout?

[quote=“tgauchat, post:7, topic:10797”]
Darn… I think you’re right. I’ll refresh my Live Logging tab now and see how log in stay … alive.Could it just be the IDE login authorization timeout?
[/quote]It does just “stop” on occasion. I haven’t really narrowed down the circumstances, as it’s easy enough to work around for me. (I just click “live logging” at the top before I start each test.)

I will second that request. Live Logging is great, but only works for a period of time that will often be far shorter than the period I want to debug. The “List Events” on the other hand has infinite time, but does not log the debug messages in the app.

The best solution is for “List Events” to have a deep trace mode that shows debug and warning messages.


Has anyone noticed that for the past couple day live logging would go on as long as computer was on, browser open to the live logging page? If so, has also anyone noticed that it just changed again a couple days to a now absurdly shorter time of about 10 minutes, after which live logging simply freezes? I’m pretty mad at Smartthings for not providing with more flexibility on this. It is time consuming like hell to have to wait or manually trigger events in order to look back at what might have gone wrong while nothing was being logged…