Little LED or Alarm Status indicator

I think we need a little LED or something that can go Next to the door. outside and inside (Outside hidden maybe) to indicate if smartthings armed or disarmed the Alarm. Its a pain to pull my phone out of my pocket every time I want to leave or get home to make sure that smartthings actually detected my presence.

Never explored it but thinking out loud maybe you can install a GE switch beside your door and change that LED state depending on the alarm status.

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That’s funny. I actually have a switch right next to my door and it has a little LED I can control. Never thought of using that as a indicator. Im going to give that a try.


Cool! If you get it working please post back here as I am interested to know if this idea works.

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Do you think something like this would work:

With this code… HomeSeer HSM200 Support

I’m interested in a similar solution and have been searching for ideas (The GE switch suggestion does not work for me)