SHM warning lights

I’ve decided to start dabbling with SHM again. But there is still no way I’m connecting an alarm. I want to use it more as an active self monitoring system than an actual alarm system.

I want ensure as few family induced false alarms as possible, so here is my idea.

I would like to put a single LED above each door. One green and one red. If the system is armed for that door, then the light is red, green if it’s not.

Does any one know of a connected device that is battery operated that would fill this need?


Perhaps a fibaro motion? you can make the led indicate different colors depending on temp when motion is sensed, maybe you can have it flash red/green for SHM?

Are you talking the inside of the door or the outside? If the inside and you have those GE switches with the blue LED light, you could have the led light on for armed and off for off.

I have my own SHM warning light system. if you open the garage door or trip the upstairs hall motion and the SHM is armed, it flashes certain lights in the garage or hall. Then you can disarm before you go downstairs or open the door to go inside.

Those are some good ideas… I’ll look into the ge indicator lights.

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I’ve been thinking about this as well. I think the easiest way is to use a smart plug with a small light (LED nightlight maybe) and have it come on whenever SHM is armed using CoRE, You won’r even need to have a light plugged in if it’s visible near a door, as the plug has it’s own LED. I tried the GE switch light, but it became complicated since there appears no way to have it on regardless of switch position.

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The HSM200 that @anon36505037 mentioned is a nice device if you need multiple notifications since it can do seven different colors. It has its own motion sensor built in if you want that as well. The newest model is zwave plus. But it is pretty expensive at around $70. And it’s not a battery option.

There’s a maker alternative based on the chip from a zigbee lightbulb if you’re OK with a tiny LED which is just either on or off. Here’s the project report on that. @BadAppleMan initially Set it up with mains power, but Later modified it to battery.

There’s also a lot of discussion about different indicator issues in that thread, so you would probably find it of interest. One of the things I like about the maker project is that it is very unobtrusive, you have to know to look for it. That’s good for some use cases, while the more obvious indicators are better for others. And since you’re making it yourself, you can choose a project box color that works best for each location, it doesn’t have to be a black case. Choice is good. :sunglasses:

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I was looking at the Iris keypad since it has all bells and whistles just the motion sensor doesn’t have the range required. Maybe we could ask the DTH guru @zcorneli to see if an external motion sensor could turn on the keypad lights. Red for away and green for home. Unless we could change the internal sensor itself. You are an electronics tech aren’t you? :smiling_imp:

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do the iris keypads have LED’s? I picked up one a long time ago and I honestly don’t remember…

Not just led but red and green just what we need.

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that’s all I need… plus it’s a redundancy for folks that can’t remember how to say the passcode but can remember how to type it in a keypad… (my dad!!!)

I just integrated the Iris keypad with SmartThings SHM (using the DHT and ULM here: [RELEASE] Lowes Iris and XFinity CentraLite keypad DTH + Apps ) and and although I am still working out the kinks.

So far it seems to work pretty well:

The ULM includes the ability to have an exit delay.
Through CoRE I have been able been able to setup an entry delay before SHM triggers an alert in the SHM.
Also using Core I am able to have the Iris Keypad beep when the SHM is in an armed state.

With the DHT and ULM integration linked above the keypad will light up the corresponding keys “Off” “Partial” and “On” when the keypad senses motion. (the Iris at the top will also change from Green to Red when the SHM is armed).

I have been wanting to set this up for a while because we have a dog sitter that will stay at our house when we go out of town and I wanted a way for her to be able to return the home from the away modes when she arrives since the modes change automatically when my wife and I come and go.

long story short yes there are LEDs although I don’t know yet how to control them directly.


well, I just looked at and they are on sale for 16.00. So, I’m going to grab 3 of them and see if they work out for me.

I’ve got Alexa arming and disarming SHM with an exit delay and an entry delay. But, I’m all about redundancy… so, if Alexa isn’t working… then the keypad is second in line… and if that fails then there is the app.

I’m hoping the LED’s work the way I want them to.

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This is the right model number that works with ST right?


Yes that is the Iris Keypad I’m using…

It initially took a little bit for me to figure it out and I had to come up with a workaround for when my wife and I leave while guests are at the house… which I still haven’t tested yet. at first I thought I could use the keypad to do it but after some testing I haven’t gotten it to work so instead I am using a Enerwave SC7 scene controller to prevent the system from entering away mode and arming automatically when we leave and others are in the house.

You can set a condition so when you guys are gone and motion or certain lights are on. Don’t arm alarm and send you an alert notification.

That’s an interesting idea and might be worth exploring… it would work similarly to what I have setup however and would still require some sort of action on my part to prevent the mode change and arm…

I’m not sure motion would really be reliable since we have a dog and she is crated in the main room that motion would occur in when guests are in the house…

That does however give me some ideas to make it a bit cleaner a transition vs what I’m doing (less Rube Goldberg).

Good, I just ordered 3… one for each door. Mostly I want them for the LED’s to know when the system is armed or not. I’ll program them with the code to disarm and arm as well. But I’ll use Alexa for my exit delay and arming.

I’m not planning on using it for much more than the LED’s…

Before you go nuts. I told you the build in motion sensor won’t do anything unless you are very close to it right? More like 4 to 6 inches.

Are the LED’s on all of the time? or only when the motion sensor picks up something?

Only when motion. Most likely to save batteries

hmmmm… well, i’m going to have to find a way around that… I’ll either program it if I can or I can hard wire them on… should be interesting… but still… 16.00 bucks each!