List Scenes that use the device on device's main page (in addition to Routines)

There’s a very handy list of Routines that use a device on the device’s main page (via the Routines bottom sub-menu). But to give a complete picture of how the device is used you need to include scenes as well.

Proposal: Since Routines are listed on the new Automations main page, change the device’s Routine sub-menu to Automations and include sections for both Scenes and Routines (with Scenes being first because that is how the Routines main page is organized.)

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Being able to see the complete list of ways a device is used in was available in the much better original ST app

Samsung decided ST needed to fit there one UI look, dumping the original app and multiple items that made for a useable app

Fairly recently they added what we have now but it is still missing much, the whole app is an unmitigated mess