Same in scenes as in devices please

When you look at a device there is a very helpful routines tab that shows you the routines associated with the device, but can we please have the reverse in the scenes, so if we open a scene it shows on a tab what device use that scene?

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Nice! I am still mostly using Smart Lighting (yes, I know, it’s going away) plus lots of scenes. So I missed that the Routines tab was showing this helpful reference info.

I’d like to see the Routines tab on a device also include any scenes where the device is used!

I’m rather surprised they don’t already. They must have done about 95% of the work by listing the Routines.

Have you noticed that when you display a Scene you get a list of the Routines that use it? It is in such small text in would be easy to miss it.

Sorry, what exactly do you have in mind? I can’t think of anything that isn’t already there.

Devices don’t use scenes: they are included in scenes. Each scene already shows you what devices are in it. :thinking:

I wonder if you meant one of the two following options:

  1. when you open a device, list all the scenes that device is used in, as well as any routines

  2. when you open a scene, list all the routines that use that scene.

Both of those would be very helpful if they’re not already there (I’m not that familiar with the current app as it is not voice-friendly.

Or did you mean something else?

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Yeah your right… I worded it wrong but you are right…

  1. when you open a scene, list all the routines that use that scene.
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That information is already there in the Android app.


Well blow me down, really didn’t see that… Thank you, think I am getting old and need my eyes tested… Cheers.

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It is easily missed, especially given that those Routines not used in Automations show a message about Bixby instead. If you’ve seen that you’d assume they all say the same thing. It isn’t a UI triumph.


Interesting! I’m just starting to use Routines in SmartThings. So I currently don’t have any Routines that invoke Scenes.

I had a lot of issues with lost Z-wave commands or something so I mostly use Alexa routines and typically invoke SmartThings scenes twice with a pause between. I think swapping out a number of Z-wave devices for ZigBee has cured my issues so might see if removing the second scene income invoke still is needed.