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List of all Officially Published Apps from the MORE category of Smart Setup in the Mobile App [deprecated]

(Mr. Smith) #62

Such a great list. I wish the app did this.

(Kamron Zufelt) #63

Where do I find and get Community Created SmartApps? I’m looking for ways to use all my random different devices that ST can’t seam to locate. Mainly cameras but also door locks, security system contacts, motions, heat, smoke, carbon, water, key fobs, other phones, and tablets, stereo… I have all this wireless stuff and the only thing that works with this is my Vivint thermostat and light switch. Do I download each one of these homemade apps with a link? I can see a few in the ST app but none of those I need. Do I need to make my own apps? I have no idea how to do that? If I can at least get all my IP cameras to work with this some how it will be worth the purchase. I have a bunch of wireless eBay cameras and extra cells phones I wanted to use as cameras. This stuff is so confusing and frustrating. I thought ST worked with way more things and would be easy to integrate all my random things. I hate this. At least my thermostats change in there own and one of my lights turn on when I get home. lol Defiantly not worth buying ST for.

(Kamron Zufelt) #64

I wish my #fitbit would do something useful like that.


It can be pretty confusing!

Why don’t you start with the following, which introduces the various ways that you can control devices with SmartThings. You don’t have to write your own code, although you can if you want.

You might also want take a look at the quick browse lists in the community – created wiki. These lists are in three sections: smart apps, device type handlers, and project reports. That’s usually the quickest way to find code that other members have shared.:sunglasses:

(Dave Gutheinz) #66

For community developed, non-official apps, there is no one place. However, do a search in this forum for your device. You may find the appropriate app with a link for download and installation instructions. If you find an app, the first time will take 15 - 30 minutes. After that, 5 to 10 minutes.

(Tim Danks) #67

In the Smart Lights app inherent in the SmartApps tab when trigger “sunset +/-” is selected for when to “turn on” lights it automatically selects “sunrise +/-” as the only “turn off” option. Is there a way to modify this to allow “turn on” at “sunset +/-” and “turn off” at a “specific time” as an option? Or for that matter mix and match any of the defined “turn on” triggers can be used for “turn off” as well? I have a few outdoor lights I’d like to be able to turn on when it’s just getting dark and turn off at like 10:30. Looked at Lighting Director but seems a bit overkill for this.


You have to do it with two different smart lighting automations. One that turns on at sunset, and one that turns it off at 10:30. It’s annoying, but it should work fine.

(Tim Danks) #69

Thanks. I guess that’s how I’ll do it. Too bad though as it seems it wouldn’t take much to add this to the standard Smart Lights app.

(Greg Marck) #70

The Smart Lighting app is giving me an error every time I try to save. Is the support for this app still available?

(Christopher Hubbard) #71

I am trying to use the Thermostat Window check app and it is not doing anything. No push notifications or TXT if the thermostat goes into cooling with the windows open. Any idea why?