Linking Heath / Zenith wireless motion sensor

I’m looking into integrating Heath / Zenith wireless motion sensor into ST. The reason I’m going this way is that all outdoor z-wave motion sensors directly compatible with ST aren’t very good:

  • They not really weather-proofed
  • They using ridiculous update intervals (4 minutes to report motion stopped?); the default program doesn’t provide an option to change it
  • Any custom handler which enables a better configuration options won’t run locally - not an option for security light
  • Sunset/sunrise- based operations aren’t local either
  • You either have to run a usb cable to it for external power, or prepare to change batteries on weekly basis

I’m not much concerned about false positive motion detection, and Zeniths wireless remote and in-wall receiver switch works just fine. However I’d like to add things like schedule for the porch lights on top of security, so I’m looking for ways to integrate it with ST. I’ve been thinking about scenario I posted below. A quick note - I haven’t dedicated my life to Home Automation just yet so I’m not exactly an expert, some assumptions I’ve made might be outright wrong and stupid. Please be gentle.

I’m thinking about replacing in-wall switch with a z-wave based one, so this will add scheduling abilities. Now I need to link the security - something along these lines:

  • Move Zenith in-wall receiver switch elsewhere and disconnect the porch lights from it (the porch lights will be connected to the in-wall z-wave switch)
  • Instead of lights plug some sort of an input device (relay - I have no idea, this is where I need an advice,. Has to something able to input 110V) to the load side of the Zenith switch
  • When the motion sensor is tripped, it will trigger Zenith switch which in turn will signal the relay. Hopefully, at this moment there will be no need to call fire department
  • The relay module locally triggers z-wave light switch turning lights on

Please let me know if any if this makes sense and I’m not over-engineering things.

Thank you!