ST integration with 112v outdoor motion detector

I’m hoping someone can give me ideas about how to do this:

I’ve got an old over the garage light that detects motion and turns on a 112v light for 3 minutes. I can also trigger it with a double flip of the wall switch.

Until Aeon or someone comes up with a more reliable (and I’ve tried 'em all) outdoor motion detector, I’d like to keep the one I’ve got in place, but have some device wired in which recognizes when the light is on – when current’s flowing perhaps – that can send a message to the hub so that it turn can turn on other outdoor lights I have controlled by ST.

So I don’t need any controlling device just a monitoring device wired in.

I think this will work:

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Well, you could perhaps build something using a relay that uses 110v to trigger the relay, then wire a door sensor that supports external sensors, or an arduino with a thing shield to allow you to trigger events in the ST hub.

I’m not sure the item linked below will work. I’m not sure you can trigger events on whether current is flowing or not.


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You can wire in a MimoLite just upstream of the 110v Bulb and attach it to the light casing. The MimoLite can send notifications of powered on and powered off (tricky).

It will probably take some solder, hot glue and silicon sealer, but it can be done in about an hour I guess.

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This was my best guess too. I have one in my kitchen under counter light. Was hoping for something else, but this’ll probably be the easiest.

Oops! reply to wrong post!!

Didn’t know about the MimoLite, – looks interesting for other tasks but way too complicated (and $$) for what I want.

I’m trying to figure out using GE Link bulbs in the motion light and the newer device type that will notice when they are turned on and use a smartapp to act on that event with a notification, etc… haven’t had the time to really work on it though… seems like the easiest way…

The outdoor light I’m using has it’s own built-in Halogen floodlight, so the GE Link bulb won’t work for that.

Have you looked at the new Cree wifi bulbs?