Linking Arlo account failing

Hi everyone - I am doing some device cleanup on SmartThings and decided to delete all of my Arlo cameras and other devices so I could break the account link and start over. When I attempt to add a new Arlo device, and go through the process of linking my Arlo account to SmartThings, I’m presented with the login screen, and when I enter the correct credentials, I’m immediately told that my device isn’t recognized (even through it’s a registered TFA device in Arlo) and my connection request is immediately rejected and I can’t complete the linkage. I’ve posted this on Arlo’s community as well since I assume it’s their problem, but wondering if anyone else has seen this, and found a workaround for it. I can’t seem to get past it, which leaves all of my arlo devices unlinked from SmartThings.

Thank you!

I ended up finding a workaround, so the problem isn’t quite as urgent. It turns out that adding an SMS number in the TFA list on Arlo was the only way I could get the TFA to work through the oauth process. Neither email address or registered devices don’t work through the oauth process used for the account linking.

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