Link to SmartThings Introduction?

(Chris Davies) #1

Apologies, I’d be amazed if this isn’t a repeat request and I really have looked for this (although it fees like I am likely missing something hidden in plain site…), but…

Is there a high level overview introduction to using ST? So far I have been able to do easily do the following (using the new app):

  • Setup the hub
  • Add devices (ST Multisensor, ST Motion Sensor, a Z-wave internal siren, a couple of Osram light bulbs) which are all recognisable (and controllable where applicable) from the app
  • Create some basic automations (eg if it is between 12am and 6am and a multisensor opens then fire off the alarm and end me a notification)
  • I think I understand the mesh system of communication for both Zigbee and Z-Wave and have ordered a couple of ST sockets to hopefully improve signal and reach a couple of sensors which keep falling off to become disconnected

Things I’d like to know:

  • General overview of options
  • Scripting - is it possible for me to write my own scripts (eg same use case as above with the multisensor)
  • Adding non-standard devices - how do I do this by reusing other people’s custom code and writing my own code?
  • Anything else really

Thanks in advance!

(Jimmy) #2

Try this

(Chris Davies) #3

Thank you - this is perfect!