Linear z-wave wall dimmer: independently change level and on/off

(Jason) #1

I was wondering if anyone has the Linear z-wave wall dimmer (WD500Z-1)?

When the dimmer is tapped on, it always turns on to its last brightness setting. I’d like to be able to change the brightness setting in the background, so that on the next manual tap, it’ll be dimmer when it’s night time and brighter when it’s day time. But that requires that the device supports two writable parameters: one for on/off and one for level.

Does z-wave dimmer switches provide two parameters like that? When I tried to connect this to the wink (as a z-wave light), there’s only one parameter it seems. Anything other than 0 will turn on the bulb, so I can’t set the level independently.

(Mike Maxwell) #2

Yea, not that I’m aware of, AFAIK all zwave dimmers work this way.

I wrote an auto dimmer app (as a workaround) that adjusts the dimmers based on the values of a selected lux level.
It listens to the dimmer on event (from the physical switch or ST), then adjusts up or down based on what you set.
It works will with dimmers that report their status quickly.

I now use this to run all the dimmers in my house.
Feel free to use/abuse…

It works and the wife likes, all that matters to me…


That’s pretty neat. What do you mean by “report status quickly”? It works with those switches that support " instant status" like Cooper Aspire? Linear switches wouldn’t work in this application?

(Mike Maxwell) #4

Off hand I don’t know which dimmers/switches have instant status reporting. I know the AEONS do with a parameter tweak.
So if you change the state of the physical switch and ST shows this change in under a second, then the app works transparently. If the dimmer status update in ST takes longer than that, then this app might be annoying.