Changing dim rate parameter on switches

I have a bunch of Linear/Evolve dimmer switches and I want to be able to edit their dim rate parameters.

The manual for these switches has the necessary parameters documented:

Is it possible to control these parameters from the SmartThings platform? What would I have to do, create a new device type that includes these parameter definitions? Would I then be able to set the dim rate for each device I have that uses that device type?


We have plans to add a general Z-Wave configuration control panel at some point in the future, but right now the only way is to make a device type as you suggested. You can see an example of setting configuration parameters at the bottom of the Dimmer Switch code in the examples.

We’ll also likely add dim rate settings to the standard switch device types at some point, but there are so many different Z-Wave dimmers and it’s not a top priority.

One note: your link is not the manual for the dimmer, that’s for their accessory switch. Dimmer model numbers are WD500Z-1 and WD1000Z-1


many kind of dimmers, it’s not your priority, I understand but after 2 years , linear model is very popular switch (wd500z-1) and we don’t have capacity change parameter of this switch. When you think make settings for this model in your priority???

I second the request. Just installed some WD500Z’s and WT00Z’s and would love to be able to easily change the parameters. Right now there is nothing that shows up. I’ve read that the GE smart dimmer module 12724 at least has one additional parameter in SmartThings that allows the user to change the setting of the LED. Both dimmers have the documentation that shows they are capable of changing many things (toggle position, light behavior, dim rates, etc).

Is there any other way to change the parameters besides creating a device type?

I guess it really wasn’t much of a priority. I know I would like to see this feature added, even if it doesn’t work flawlessly. Just tag it with an in-app “Beta” tag.

It seems such a hassle to try to hunt down my device handlers or create a custom one to do something that the ST staff could easily push out. But, I do understand the need for stability and the hesitance to release code that might create more issues than it resolves.