Changing parameter value on Linear WD500Z-1?


I have wall dimmers with a led that turns on when the switch is off. For some strange reason it has flipped. Now it’s on when switch is on. So I checked manual (see attached).

How do I change the value using simplest way?

Thank you,

Hi @ssss25

If you are using the Z-Wave Switch and Child Mc driver then you can create a virtual device in preferences to view and configure any device parameters.

You go into preferences and create the device configurator.

Opens in the fingerprint profile
You go into preferences and choose the profile Device Parameter Configure
Follow the instructions on the screen



Please forgive my ignorance. I am sorry. I am missing something. Probably something simple. Currently my zwave switch is using Zwave Switch driver. If I try to change driver I only see Zwave virtual momentary switch as an option. So am not sure what do I need to do to get to the screen shots u are showing.

Thanks for the clarification.


If you are using zwave switch, then you have to install the Z-Wave Device Config Mc driver on your hub and then do a driver change

Than you so much. Makes sense… :slight_smile: Will try that out. Thanks…

Worked like a charm… thank you.


I am now trying to associate an the WD500Z dimmer to wt00z-1. it seems my wt00z-1 has lost association to to the main switch. They were running in a 3way like setup.

So I figured maybe I can use device config mc discussed here to see what I can do. I honestly not 100% how to re-associate but trying to figure it out. But for some reason, I can’t select the device config driver for the mai switch for some reason. says the finger print doesn’t match, it’s:


Is it normal?