$22.99 w/ Free Shipping - Z Wave Plus® Wall Socket Plug in Receptacle with 2 USB and 1 AC Port


At this price, seems like a no-brainer :slight_smile: Although I wish it was a bit more compact.

This model also supports energy consumption monitoring.

Not sure I’ll ever use the USB ports

I grabbed a bunch of the outlet + USB adapters just because they were on clearance. Never thought I would use them. I found them so convenient I ended up getting some of the actual outlets with USB ports and sticking them around the house for things like IPcams, Dots, Kindle Fire control panels etc etc etc.

Interesting. You can use USB ports for IPcams?

I might pick up a couple more just to have as spare repeaters and such, then if I find myself loving the USB ports, I have more to use :slight_smile:

I use them for Nest, Canary cams, Echo Dots, anything that uses 5V usb cord. Just be sure the ports are the right Amp. Obviously if a 1A port it won’t properly power a device requiring 2A

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Ah gotcha. Makes sense.

Looks like it’s already out of stock :frowning:

Is this QC3

I wish. One port is 1A and the other is 2.4A. No quickcharge. Not too surprising since QC adds quite a bit to the cost, and these are very inexpensive.

I missed the wall outlets with USB sale from best buy. :frowning: