Linear WD500Z-1 - turning on randomly

(Adam Ainbinder) #1

Hi everyone, this switch has been turning on at night every 30 minutes. I’ve set it to turn on when motion is detected and turn off when motion stops. It works great for that, but it also turns on without motion about 20-30x per day. It follows the motion smart app i created where it comes on dimmed at 50% and goes off about 5 minutes later. The logs show this and differentiate what shows up with motion, what shows up without. Here’s the exactly log of what is happening (FYI - for these logs, no motion happened, no one touched the switch): 77fe869a-3790-4018-81b5-5d86bc568a64 11:07:36 AM: debug Parse returned [Dining Room Dimmer Switch was turned off]
77fe869a-3790-4018-81b5-5d86bc568a64 11:04:38 AM: debug Parse returned [Dining Room Dimmer Switch was turned on, Dining Room Dimmer Switch dimmed 50 %]

One thing to note - this was working fine until a week ago when I renamed modes. I’ve since deleted all modes and added new ones and changed everything over to new names. I’ve also tried removed the device from my hub and adding it back in. Problem persists. It doesn’t seem like the switch is faulty given that it was working fine until recently

Please let me know if you have any ideas. This is extremely frustrating. This same event that is causing this also triggers our siren, so we had to unplug that. No idea why that is happening but unplugging that has worked for now