Linear GoControl & IFTT

Accept my apologies if the solution has been shared but could not find the steps in one place in the forum. What i want to do is use IFTT location (enter area) to trigger “open garage”. As in IFTT no “switch” shows so I installed the “virtual switch”

  • Linear GoControl installed and working OK
  • Installed “Virtual switch” using code from forum
  • ST > Automation > IFTT > Switch (Virtual switch) & sensor (Garage Door Opener) selected

What i am not able to understand is creating the applet for IFTT. It gives me the option to select the switch & sensor but not able to understand how to use “virtual switch” to “open garage”?

Please help.

what DH is the Virtual switch?

Curious why you want to use IFTTT for presence. I tried that and it was an absolute failure. I tried IFTTT presence I found it took anywhere from 5-10 minutes to over an hour after I got home before IFTTT would fire. Not exactly useful for your purpose unless you like just sitting in the driveway.

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Thanks for the insight for not using IFTT. Currently there is delay and was the reason to look for alternative. Instead I will buy a z-wave repeater and create a mesh for ST to respond more quickly.