Dummy Button/switch for IFTTT integration

Is there any way to create a switch that doesn’t really exist but you could control with the app?? Something that acts like a on/off light control and is treated by smartthings as if it exists but doesn’t require hardware?

If that were possible you could use it to trigger IFTTT scripts manually and use the hello home controls to activate IFTTT scripts.

I have made some IFTTT rules that work to control my computer via dropbox and I could get music to play on my computer when I come home. It would also be useful when I’m away from home to trigger a fake switch to turn music on when I’m turning lights on as extra security.


Yes there is code available for a virtual switch device type. I use it to control multiple devices at once and have it tied to a real switch, but you don’t have to have it tied to an actual switch or have it control anything.