Linear Garage Door Relay

I have successfully installed the Linear relay on my garage door and integrated it into my SmartThings hub. It works reliably from the physical button on the relay, the standard wireless remote, and the standard wall button. I works about 50% of the time from the phone app.

It is configured to use the ZWave Virtual Momentary Contact Switch and when it works I can see the light on the relay go off and come back on within a couple of seconds. When it doesn’t work nothing happens to the door and the thing does not seem to register that I’ve pushed a button.Sometimes the door will open/close 15 minutes later.

I also experience delayed response from the motion detectors inside the garage occasionally.

Any suggestions?

I was doing the exact same thing; cobbled together a relay etc… Then I saw this product: NuTone NGD00Z Smart Z-Wave Enabled Garage Door Controller.
I ordered it and replaced 3 devices with just one.
Works much better and safer.
There is a warning light / sound whenever activated!
Works right out of the box with SmartThings.
(The NuTone is a rebrand of the Linear’s version; both are great)

mine works great every time… but I have two wired devices in the garage that probably act as repeaters. a ge in wall switch and for my wifes garage door I have a gd20z switch that I wired to here garage door and a door sensor on her door. the linear opener is on my garage… both work reliably. I had to add a rule for her gd20z switch to turn off if seen on so it acts as a toggle instead of a on/off.

Linear makes many different different devices.

The one that they make specifically for garage door control is the GD 00 series. (GD stands for garage door). This is the device that has been UL listed for unattended garage door operation. It is also sold under the gocontrol name.

The nutone device is a rebrand of the GD 00 device.

There is also a linear relay intended for lighting control which some people use to hotwire their garage doors. That does not have the safety features, and is UL listed for lighting control, but not for unattended garage door operation.

So just wanted to point out that people have been talking about two different Linear devices in this thread.

My fault, I should have specified, I have a Linear FS20Z and am using it with a monoprice tilt sensor for open/closed sensing. Thanks for the info on the Nutone. I would probably go for it except that I’m already invested in devices I can’t think where to use elsewhere. I have ordered an LED bulb that also functions as a repeater to see if it will help.

Also, I don’t understand why there is a special safety requirement of the relay when both the wall switch and the standard wireless switch behave the same, and the optical sensors at the door and the safety mechanism of the door itself should be enough.

i just used the linear relay and wrote a small rule to turn it off whenever it sees it on. so it acts like a switch to raise lower the door. as for the sensor i actually mounted a normal door sensor on the top right side of the door…

i also have the gocontrol on the other door so can compare … this is nicer since it shows as one device status open or closed and you can toggle it to change…

however many smart apps and rules etc. dont work correcdtly with it… everything does work witth the relay switch combination.

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How did you write this rule? I am looking for it.

my device shows us as a zwave relay under devices in the ide…

in the app It shows up under a light so in smart lights I wrong a rule if it is on… turn it off.

Another method without wring a rule is to change the switch’s device type via the SmartThings web IDE.
Change it from Z-Wave Switch to Z-Wave Virtual Momentary Contact Switch.

When the switch is activated (turned ON), SmartThings will turn is OFF a second later.

thanks that is a better solution… will change mine when I get a chance

The LED light/relay I added to the porch closest to the garage fixed the problem I was having. I am also using the device type Z-Wave Virtual Momentary Contact Switch. Somehow the relay and tilt sensor have combined into a single button under Doors & Locks on the Dashboard. Cool, but I don’t know how I did it.

Hi Jeremy,

I just received my Nutone NGD00Z Garage Door Controller with the tilt sensor. Did the unit work straight out of the box or did you have to make any modification to the software? I was able to get my SS-V2 to find the Nutone and acknowledge the tilt sensor but I can’t seem to make my garage door to acknowledge the commands from the SS-V2. At my iOS SS, the open/close status from the tilt sensor seems to work fine. When I try to send a close or open command to the garage, i can see the prompt “closing” or “opening” then the status would turn to “unknown” - nothing happens at the garage door…

Please help,


My Nutone worked fine out of box.
However, make sure the wires to your garage door opener are properly connected.
When I first tested mine, mine were loose. I twisted the wires from the Nutone, and the wires from the wall controller together, then pressed that into my garage door opener’s wire terminals. A solid connection was then made.

Has anyone tried to get the Linear GoControl to also run the Garage Door Opener Lights? My garage door has a light button on the wall control that came with it, and given how the product programs itself when you push the open button on the wall, I’d think it might be capable of controlling a secondary function with the right device handler… ? Anyone??