Linear garage door controller

I have a linear z wave controller that is currently connected to my At&T digital life, I would like to move it to my smart things hub, does anyone know how to reset the controller so I can pair it to the smart things hub, or can I just pair it to smart things while it is connected to digital life and “steal” it from digital life? It is a complete pain to get att to exclude devices, because you have to call them and have them do it on there end as there is no way for the end user to exclude or include devices. Thanks for any help

Here you go:

Were you ever able to get the SW-ATT-GDC to work? I’ve been messing with it for a few days, and I’m not able to get anything working…

Pressing the link button 5 times does nothing. No beeps / flashes / vibrations / yells / screams…

Nope I never got it to work at all.

Has anyone done any work that was successful in getting the ATT digital life linear garage door plan controller working with ST? I’ve been fooling with it most of the night, searching for anything that might help. Seems that all the basic instructions (I.e. press link button to pair, press link button 5 times to reset, etc.) that I follow fail to have the device respond. It looks a lot like the GoController GD00Z model. I’m very new to the community, have been able to move many other devices from digital life to ST, but this garage door opener is winning the fight right now. Any pointers on how to troubleshoot z-wave would be appreciated.

I messed with the SW-ATT-GDC and got it to respond to the link button. The key is to take the battery out of the tilt sensor, unplug it, then plug it back in without the tilt sensor. I held the link button in for 10 seconds and it started blinking green. Pushing it 5 times did not do anything, but I did get it to respond to the link button. I also made sure the D-Life controller was turned completely off. I put the battery back in and put the tilt sensor back in and it still did the same thing but ST did not find it.

Looking at the manual for this specific device it says this is 915mhz which is Zigbee, I dont have experience with this. Does anyone else? It also says this device has to be paired in secure mode… I’m familar with that with z-wave. Here’s the manual for SW-ATT-GDC:

What kills me is at the bottom of the manual you will see a Z-wave disclosure which I believe should be Zigbee.

Just wanted to put my $0.02 in.

I tried pairing my sw-att-gdc device to my ST also but it’s unrecognizable. … someone please help.

Just dropped my Digital Life service. Moved several devices over to SmartThings, but I can’t seem to make any headway with this garage door controller for the life of me!

I’ve tried all of the suggestions in this thread, elsewhere in these forums and everything else I could think of, but nothing works. I can, seemingly, get the SW-ATT-GDC into pairing mode (green light is flashing), but SmartThings can’t see it. There seems to be 3 modes associated with the link button: hold for ~6 secs until you hear a beep (controller pairing mode), hold for ~12 seconds until you hear 2 beeps (tilt sensor pairing mode) and, finally, hold for about 20 seconds and the unit will start beeping about once every second until you let go (no clue what this does or if it does anything at all).

Has ANYONE had success in moving this device to SmartThings? Thanks in advance.

Any luck yet?

No. Unfortunately, after countless attempts, I determined that it is just not possible. Although the unit is undoubtedly a rebranded version of the Linear GoControl device, this variation is definitely not compatible with any system other than Digital Life.

I replaced it with the real deal, and haven’t looked back.

Did you try a z-wave exclusion with it in pairing mode?

I just got one of these prior to finding this thread - tried everything and could never get it to see the SW-ATT-GDC. Looks like I’m not the only one.

It looks like AT&T Digital Life used 915MHz for their Linear (GoControl) garage door controller which I believe is one of the lower and thus longer range Zigbee frequencies (which are normally 2.4GHz). Z-wave uses 908.42MHz, so this is probably why our SmartThings hub can’t find it to exclude/include. I took mine apart and found it does have 2 antennas and was hoping their would be a dip switch or easy resistor termination I could swap that would enable Z-wave transmission, but I no such luck… Stinks. What a waste.