Limited number of devices with local processing

With the recent rash of outages in the smartthings cloud I figured I would take advantage of local processing and set up a local app that allowed me to control all my zwave switches with one button. Sort of a poor mans goodnight routine just to make sure I could shutdown most things easily at the end of the night when smartthings is broken.

Initially I installed a smart lighting app that controlled over 35 or so zwave switches with a minimote button. App showed up in the local app list but didn’t do a thing when hitting the button. Created a new installation and added devices 2 or 3 at a time with it working the whole time until I got to about 25. There after no new switches I included seemed to have an effect when hitting the minimote button. The swItches added before continued to work but nothing added afterwards.

I was wondering if anyone else experienced this.

there is a time limit for processing… maybe you hit it with too many devices

I dont think that’s it. Everything is processing quickly. The new devices added just don’t behave as if they’re added.