Limited Art on Frame TV

So…after a network outage today my recently purchased frame tv only shows a very limited number of art choices but the smart things app shows the full content. I’m still in the trial membership and have checked network settings on the tv and logged out and back in and also powered the tv off and back on. When using smart things on my phone i can control the tv, i can also choose art to send to the frame tv but it doesn’t come through. Art mode on the tv shows all of the categories, eg by colour, artist etc. and it gives the total available in each - but when i go into a category on the tv there is only a very limited selection and not the full amount. Hope that makes sense and I’m stumped…any ideas?

Don’t know about Frame TV, but there are YouTube vids that provide HD art. Play them back at 0.25 speed, and they last quite awhile.