Lights Randomly Turn On

Add me to the list.
Only happens on a hue lightstrip, all other devices (mainly fibaro dimmers) behave themselves.
Guess I’ll try a core piston to turn it off again. Seems bonkers that the issue rumbles on.

I searched for this, because it’s driving me nuts. Because it only happens in the middle of the night, so it’s really annoying.

It happens on 3-4 different lights, randomly. The bulbs are all the same: OSram Lightify A19, Some are color, some are not.

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Same thing is happening to me. I have no Hue devices. For me, this just started last month (or, maybe I just noticed it last month).

I also had the same and support were looking into it for me, they asked me to remove the lights from a smart app but didn’t say what one. So as I had 2 lights that were doing it at the same time, I removed one from everything, I have since been adding it back one bit at a time. The odd thing was as soon as I removed one the problem disappeared! I haven’t seen it again sofar and it’s now pritty much where it was before.

This is not a SmartThings issue or a power surge issue. The problem is with the bulbs. I too have been having this problem with only a few of my Link bulbs. I have even put them in different lamps and get the same issue. I have since switched out those bulbs with Hue bulbs.

I have two Sengled LED lamps - and this is driving me NUTS

The LED lamps turn on by themselves all the time. I cannot figure out why …

This has started to happen to me again…Same switch as last time.

This has only started happening after I moved into my new home - never had a problem for several years at my old home. Ive noticed in the device event logs that each time it has happened a “configure” command was sent to the device.

The commands after it in the log are me manually turning it off with Alexa, but it turned on when the configure command was received (I did nothing at the time that would have caused this command).

I’ve verified this on three separate devices that randomly turn on - it’s always the “configure” command.

Hopefully this helps someone figure out what’s happening. Why is the hub sending random configure commands?

@BakaNeko59 The configure is happening after the bulb resets and comes back online. This is an indication that the bulb firmware is likely crashing which is also the reason the light turns on.

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For years my Smartthings used to be pretty rock solid, but in recent weeks I have completely random bizarre behavior with lights randomly turning themselves on and off all over the house. Seemingly no rhyme or reason for any of it. Some of it is wall switches, some of it is plug-in lamp outlets. It isn’t driven by any rules. I went into the web interface and cut out a bunch of old smart apps that I didn’t use anymore. I disconnected a couple of devices that had become offline over time and reconnected them. I ran a Zwave repair a couple times. I tried powering down my hub for about 30 mins earlier today. It’s still happening.

Anyone have any idea what would start causing this out of the blue? And it seems to be happening with increasing frequency…

Edited to add: one thing that happens frequently is that a given light will turn off, then on, then off, then on again. Although at certain times lights are just turning off entirely. At a real loss here…


As an update, it seems to be the same handful of lights that are affected by this. My lights out on the back patio go off several times each evening (I have to manually turn them back on), and same for my lights out in front of the house. Similar happens with 3 or 4 lights in the house. These are on an assortment of GE Zwave wall switches and a couple of outside Zwave plug in outlets (the black ones). No idea still. I suppose I can try excluding them and then reinstalling them in the network?

I’m sure that’s very frustrating. :disappointed_relieved: The first possibility for this kind of behavior is local interference. if you are in North America, the most common devices that interfere with zwave are older audio only baby monitors and some of the older landline phones. Those operate in the same frequency as Z wave.

There is some more modern tech that can also cause interference, including some walkie-talkies and some drones. (Really.)

Any chance one of your neighbors got a drone for Christmas?

Thanks, but I don’t think it’s interference — or else why not impact other lights? It seems the same set of lights across various rooms have this issue, right around the same time of day, and it doesn’t happen for others. So bizarre. I wish there were an easy way to trace the signals. SOMETHING is triggering and telling those devices to go off, they can’t just be going off by themselves. Just need to know what exactly is telling them to turn off…