Lights Randomly Shutting Off in Middle of the Night (Feb 2024)

So I have Coach lights I want on all night and a bathroom light I want on 24/7 which all shut at night. Coach light shut off at the same time, the bathroom light at an earlier time and if I turn it back on it will turnoff again.
I have feral cats I’m catching and TNR’ing, I keep the bathroom lights on because I have cats in there. And outdoor lights I want on from sunset to sunrise to keep coyotes away.
So how do I figure out why they are shutting off. I cleared the lights from routines like good by and good night…

If you use Alexa… check if Hunches is enabled and creating Routines on that platform.


No hunches.

Have you looked in the device history and the general history to see what might be triggering it?

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Any possibility of bridged voice assistants? Weird and not-at-all-wonderful things have been reported with Google Assistant if anyone in your household uses their account in another household and vice versa. I have heard that similar things can happen with Alexa. You can end up with your devices being controlled from other households.

Device history just says turned off, doesn’t say what turned it off. How do I view general history?

Menu-> History-> Filter

General history has no reason other them power off. I’m starting to think sunrise is a random number generator. Sometimes it is 2:35am, sometimes it is 6:45am.

You could always try removing the device and adding it back. That method would remove it from any Routines/Rules it may be associated with.


True, not a bad idea.

Victory. Remove device and re-add cleared it up. Must have been ghost routine.
Smartthings needs clean utility.