Lights On with Motion

Hey guys. I’m sure this is due to my lack of knowledge but I’m having trouble with lights turning on and off by motion sensor. I have an ST motion sensor controlling my kitchen lights. The lights are controlled by a GE Z-wave dimmer. The lights turn on when motion is detected. I have the smart lighting set up for them to turn off 5 minutes after motion stops. Over the last couple of weeks the kitchen lights started shutting off despite the fact that we are in the kitchen and moving around. Any suggestions?

Sorry, known bug…Several of us are waiting on ST to fix. If you have the kitchen lights on motion, I would recommend using a different app until this is fixed or else you’ll end up doing the chicken dance like my wife does, when our cabinet lights are caught between two motion events.

Here is one by @bravenel

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Thanks @SBDOBRESCU! I will do it. I’m really trying to talk everyone in the house into letting me keep this stuff.