Battery-Powered Light

I’ve got a couple of closets without lighting inside of them, and no power available. I’d like to be able to have a light that turns on when the door is opened. Is there a SmartThings-compatible, battery-powered light that might get this job done? Thanks in advance.

It’s expensive, but the Phillips go should work. It’s not super bright but it might work for a closet.

I’ll admit though, if it was me, I just use Mr. beams. Great battery-powered motion sensor lights. Not networked, but how much control do you need over a closet light?

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Thanks, @JDRoberts! The second is probably the better solution, considering price, and I’d rather not have to invest in a Hue hub right now. The geek in me got scope-locked on a SmartThings-compatible solution.

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Mr. Beams is a really well-engineered brand. It’s just not networked. Several different sizes and form factors, so you can look at those also. There’s a smaller closet light which usually comes in a two pack for $20, I have a couple of those and really like them. But it’s more for a shelf light. The one I linked to is the overhead light, has a wider area of coverage. So just depends on what you need for each location.

@JDRoberts While I love my HUE GOs, they won’t work in this scenario. On battery, they’ll only listen for commands for two hours, after which they shut down to conserve battery.

Good to know, thanks for the correction.

I had the same issue in my late sixties house! Called an electrician. Got pullchains installed (always pulled) … Used a lux and a multi on the closet door… Missus happy! And what can be better than that! Put a hue instead of lux to confuse her with “what color am I going to wear tmrw morning”! Priceless!