Looking for Wireless Closet Light

I’m trying to find a wireless smart light that works with either SmartThings or Alexa so I can hook it up to a motion sensor and place it in my pantry. Unfortunately there’s no light or plug in the pantry so a hard wired or plug in light won’t work for. I’ve tried two different dumb motion sensing lights and neither motion sensor worked very reliably. One was an under cabinet light and the other was a large closet puck light. Does anyone know of any light that might work for this?

This has been discussed multiple times. There are almost no battery powered Smart lights because they just won’t have the battery life you need if they have to be listening for the next on command all the time. Seriously, we just don’t have this technology yet.

Most of the existing battery powered lights that work with SmartThings are intended as party lights and will only go on a charge of three or four hours before you have to plug them in again.

There’s an FAQ on this. It was first written in 2019, but it’s still true today.

FAQ: Battery Powered Z-Wave or ZigBee LED Light?

There is one exception as noted in that FAQ: the Ring brand battery powered lights can be used in Alexa routines, so you can get some integration that way. These are based on the old Mr. Beam brand. (Ring acquired Mr. Beam, Amazon acquired ring.) some are surprisingly bright with good battery life. But it’s not a full integration.

Most models do have their own motion sensor built in, so you’ll save some money that way. You will have to buy one bridge (or have an echo fourth generation) in order to make the connection.


We use a bunch of these at our house of different styles and in different locations and have always been happy with them. But again, it’s a limited integration.

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