Lights not switching on at requested lux level while motion already occurring

I’m using the ST smartlighting app to control lights in one of my rooms such that if the lux drops below 150 and there is motion the lights switch on.

This works fine if you enter the room when the lux is below 150, but if you are already in the room before the lux drops to 150 and are constantly triggering the motion sensor, the lights do not come on when the lux drops below 150 (unless movement stops for longer than the 3 minute timeout period, then the next movement brings the lights on).

Is there a way around this to ensure the lights come on if you are already in the room, and the motion sensor is already active, when lux level drops below the trigger level?

Thanks for any suggestions …

I know it can be done with webcore. I have my Bathroom working like that.

Here is a link to the webcore forum, the people on there can do wonders with that sort of stuff.

If you do decide to go down that route, here is a link to the webcore wiki with full installation instructions.


Thanks for the pointer. I’ll investigate :wink:

I’ve reported to ST staff in the hope that something can be added to Smartlighting to allow a sensor’s current state to be taken into account when triggering lights