Lighting question from a newbe

So I’m new to the smartthings world. Been with Iris for a number of years and the v2 hub was junk. So I Impulsively switch. I know we are all not perfect but I really like what I have seen here so far. Support has been great.

I need help or your opinions. I am about to take in a lighting project in the living room. Nothing crazy 1 three way set of cans and a group of four cans on a switch and two accent lights on separate switches, in the iris world I had used the ge switchs and liked them. Still makes sense to my wife, my question is would you do the same here with dimmers in the switches. Or would you use the Osram or similar and just hard wire the lights and use the ge switches just as an interface for my wife, I would like all new groups of lights to be individually dimmed. Half the room is my 3 year old’s section so color could be fun too.

Thanks in advanced.


If you like your existing living room switches, if they’re the zwave ones they should work fine with SmartThings, no need to change. :sunglasses:

If you want color for your child’s room, hue bulbs combined with the mood cube controller project is very popular. You could also just do this with some table lamps in a section of the living room.

We should note that it is a bad idea to use a dimmer (smart or dumb) that controls the actual current to a dimmable smart bulb. You will likely burnt out either the switch or the bulb as they will confuse each other.

You can use a smart dimmer with dumb bulbs. Or you can use one of the various methods that uses a dimmer switch which is controlling the same circuit as the dimmable smart bulbs.