Lightify Gardenspot Mini’s - Color Difference?

Hey Everyone - I am having an issue I am wondering if others have experienced with the gardenspots. I have 4 sets in my front beds. Two on the left and two on the right. The thing is that the two on the left (when set at the same saturation and hue - according to the IDE) look different from the two on the right. I can get them close by playing with them but they are definitely off and this hasn’t always been the case.

Anyone have any ideas?


Hate to “me too” this but I’ve got the same issue. I just have two sets both set to the identical color yet display very different shades. I gave up running them in smartthings but have the identical issue with the lightify app and associated hub. Like you it definitely wasn’t like that originally. I can’t pinpoint when the issue started though.

Well I’m glad to know I am not the only one…I have changed out everything except the strands of bulbs. To be honest I’m not sure which ones are actually faulty. The ones that seems to be a deeper, truer color or the ones that appear “faded”.

This may be a weekend project. :wink:

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