Lightify Dimming Switch not pairing

In need of help.
It’s my first time setting up home automation and I already scrapped my Wink2 hub because it wouldnt pair with several Z-Wave or Zigbee devices that are supposed to be and listed as compatible. So now I moved over to ST and I’m stuck at the moment with 2 Lightify Dimmer Switches that just will not pair with my new Smartthings hub. I’ve reset them several times, and have tried “Add a Thing” several times, both by open scan and by “Add Device Manually”. ST hub never finds either of them.
I’ve search around here and Google and found nothing helpful so I had to reach out.

Which model number, there are two with similar names.

If it is 73743, that model is now officially supported, it should pair right out of the box as long as you did the reset correctly. So just contact support and they should be able to help you.

If it’s the square switch instead, that’s being sold only in Europe, doesn’t yet have an official integration, and only a few community members have tried it. Ask in the following thread

( also, please don’t post questions about individual devices to the buttons FAQ thread. Ask them in the individual device threads instead. Otherwise the FAQ thread becomes too hard to use. Thanks.)

On a slightly related topic, the new Lightify bulbs are available now in stores. Is there a new networking protocol in the new ones? Will they pair with Phillips Hue or SmartThings directly? They’re like half the price of the Hue bulbs and I’d love to add them to my Hue setup if they pair.

Please start a new thread for the bulbs, and give the model numbers. There are several different models and I think different results are going to occur.

For example, the new HomeKit bulbs from Sylvania are probably not going to work with SmartThings.

yes sir, it is the 73743. Neither worked out of the box. And the reset was done by holding down both buttons for 3 seconds, until light flashes blue. Then it just flashes for the whole 3minutes,
Still no go. ST never finds it.
I’ll see what support says.

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Well I finally got them to pair up (seems that they were “stuck” on the Wink2 hub) but now I cant get them to operate correctly.
It is my understanding that once enabled/paired it should be able to at least turn off the Hue lamps via hub but would have no dimming function since it doesnt actually control the bulbs. Since it doesnt work I must have been mistaken.
So I tried to use motley74’s lightify binder DH as that looks to work with Zwave devices but when I edit device type it never changes and always comes up as “Lightify Dimming Switch- Zigbee”.

Due to switch placement (horizontal) and aesthetics (wife) I cant use a Hue Dimmer here so this was the better option over GoControl. Am I stuck with 2 useless switches?

Did you get a chance to read the FAQ on the three different ways that the switch can be used with SmartThings?

If you just use the standard DTH, which it should pair with automatically, you will then have two buttons on it. So you should be able to use it with anything that has a “button pressed” option, including the official smart lights feature or a routine.

As far as your hue bulbs, assuming they are already controllable from SmartThings (that is, they show up on your things list), just use smart lights and say you want those specific bulbs to turn on when button one is pressed and turn off when button two is pressed.

If you want to get more functionality out of it, there are two different community created DTHs that offer a different set of features. The FAQ explains.

What Z wave devices are you concerned about? The Sylvania switch is zigbee, and so are hue bulbs, although if you are using the official integration through the hue bridge, then that’s an ethernet connection. But there’s no Z wave in that picture.

Anyway, either the official DTH for the Sylvania switch or motley74’s DTH can allow the Sylvania switch to control Z wave devices, because the Sylvania switch will send a message to the hub and then the hub can send a message to the Z wave device.

Sorry, thought Hue was a Zwave system.

But yes I did go through that FAQ page and neither option 1 or 2 worked.

Right after pairing, looked under the device ‘Recently’ section to see what button was top/on and bottom/off. Then set up a SmartApp Lighting automation to turn on/off lights using Button 2 to turn on 2 lamps and activate a Reading Scene, and button 1 to turn off same lamps.
Press Button, nothing happens. Recently says button 2 pressed, button is on, no lights.

Then it gets weird. I went into the device and tried to change the DH to motleys and it doesn’t take. So I had to remove it, re-pair, and then change DH before trying to create another button setup.
Second attempt to set up “Turn on” automation, still have dark lights, same results in device log as before for button press.

I’m sure that’s very frustrating. :disappointed_relieved: But as long as you use the stock device type, it is an officially supported device, so I would get in touch with SmartThings support and just have them help you get it set up so it works with smart lighting. Once you have that working, if you want to switch to one of the other device type handlers you can.

In the hub logs I found this:

info ------No devices configured in OSRAM Lightify Dimming Switch #2 preferences--------
74590d3f-91a8-4915-9faa-a0ec34715152 1:20:35 AM

Not sure why it says No devices configured when I did assign 2 lights to it under smart lighting.

Update: The only way I got the Lightify Dimming Switches to work is to set the type using the “Zigbee button” DH. I discovered this as I received 2 replacement switches from Amazon (figuring the first 2 were just crappy) and right out of the box they paired up and showed up as “Zigbee button” type. Those 2 worked just fine. Not perfect as I have to use the ‘held’ setting for pre-set dimming levels, but functional.
I’m still working with support as to why the “Lightify Dimming Switch- Zigbee”, “OSRAM Lightify Dimming Switch Binder” and “OSRAM Dimmer” DH’s dont seem to work at all for any Smart Lighting Automations on my Lightify Dimmer Switches.

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Final answer from Support:

"The DTH’s “Lightify Dimming Switch- Zigbee”, “OSRAM Lightify Dimming Switch Binder” and “OSRAM Dimmer” are all custom DTH’s that were added to SmartThings manually and therefore are considered “custom”.
The DTH called “Zigbee button” is on the system by default, and is why this one works, while the others do not. While you would think the “custom” DTH’s should work, we in SmartThings support can’t guarantee it, and are not able to troubleshoot “custom” DTH’s. "

So it’s obvious I’m missing something in the Lightify Dimming Switch-Zigbee DTH setup.