Light Switch with highly visible indicator light?

Does anyone know of a pilot light switch that integrates with the SmartThings Hub? I currently have a dumb pilot light switch for my exterior porch light. I would like to convert this to a smart switch, but do not want to lose the indicator that lights up reminding me that the lights are on.

There are several wall switches that have an led on the front that can be configured to be on or off depending on the state of the switch. I personally use GE switches and have my led turned off when the light is on, but that’s easily changed.

“Pilot light” Is most commonly used to mean a small gas flame is to initiate a gas appliance like a water heater or a gas stove.

In some countries it also means what in the US is typically called an “indicator light,” usually just a tiny LED next to the rocker or toggle switch to indicate that the current is engaged.


From your description, I’m assuming that you mean an indicator light? If so, there are many smart lights that work with Samsung’s SmartThings Home automation platform which have these indicators.

(Some of them even give you a choice of how to configure them so that you can either have them used as an indicator where are the LED is on when the circuit is active or where the LED is off and functions as a night light.)

What country are you in? The device selection does vary somewhat.

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I’m in the US. I currently have some GE zwave switches that have a small indicator light, but I’m looking for something with a brighter indicate light that I can see across the room when the light is on.

Homeseer has a dimmer switch with a full column of indicator lights that you can control individually or set all to the same color. It should be more visible than the GE.



You might have to change the dumb bulbs in the porch lights to dimmable models, though, for compatibility.

I’ve not seen anything with a brighter led, nor a device that illuminates a paddle/toggle.

Neo Coolcam also has an LED ring around their momentary switch buttons. I personally hate this look, but it might work for you. Choice is good. :sunglasses:


Just make sure you get the one on the US Zwave frequency.

This should work great! Thank you!