Light Switch Randomly Turned On

My master bedroom light switch randomly turned on at 5:09am this morning. The logs say DEVICE, but neither my wife nor I turned on the switch. Trying to figure out what’s going on with it?

manufacturer: Jasco Products

Name Value
archivable true
date 2019-11-25 5:09:39.394 AM CST (2019-11-25T11:09:39.394Z)
description Master Bedroom Light Switch switch is on
deviceId 7524a240-d575-4b03-8589-28e79c86c4ad
deviceTypeId 26638034-3292-11e2-9c79-22000a1dc790
displayed true
eventSource DEVICE
isStateChange true
isVirtualHub false
linkText Master Bedroom Light Switch

Need some more info:

  • Jasco Zwave, Zwave Plus, or Zigbee switch?
  • Do you have any SmartApps or automations, routines, scenes configured?
  • In the device’s event logs in the IDE, and you click on “ALL”, do you see anything under Source other than “DEVICE”, especially the word “COMMAND” or “APP_COMMAND”? Looks like this:
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This does happen from time to time. I contacted support about a outlet that turned on a year or so ago at 2:00am. They basically said, that happens every now and then. Other devices over my time with ST have done this as well.

I used the outlet to turn on a space heater in the bathroom, so I was a bit concerned about it coming on randomly. I had written a smartapp to monitor it and since it came on during a time it was not supposed to the app turned it back off. Support reviewed it and said they showed it being turned on manually, but it had not been.

If it happens on a regular basis then it is probably as suggested above some automation setting it off you forgot about or set wrong.

[edit]After posting this I went back and looked because I thought I had posted about it when it happened. Here is the thread.

Jasco Zwave:
Data * MSR: 0063-4952-3032

  • manufacturer: Jasco Products
  • networkSecurityLevel: ZWAVE_LEGACY_NON_SECURE

1 routine to turn off the light switch.

Based on what you’ve provided, you’re experiencing what a lot of us with GE/Jasco devices do every so often. It doesn’t happen a lot, but it does happen every so often. It could be worse if you had any Cree bulbs.