Light switch turning on by itself

I’ve noticed for a little while now that a light switch in my house seems to be turning on by itself.

For example, I came down this morning and the light was on, and my wife was out walking the dogs. I checked the logs for it and it shows that it turned on at 8:10 (actually around the time I got up), and my wife had been out for about an hour already.

Checking the event log it didn’t show anything useful, the source was just “DEVICE”.

Any ideas on how I can track this down??

Same thing happening here. One light in particular. Cant track it down…very annoying.

It’s happening all over: Devices turning on without automation or intervention

Just wondering if you can provide more details about the device. It’s a switch (not a bulb) by the title. Is it Z-Wave or Zigbee? Is it hardwired?

Z-wave plug.