Light switch for multiswitch electrical box

noob alert here

hey y’all. i’m interested in floundering my way through home automation, and love what i know about smartthings. i have a quick question though. i just moved into a new house and almost all of my light switches are in multiswitch boxes. i.e. 2,3,or even 4 switches in the same electrical box, behind one face plate. i’m not sure how that will work with the switches that i’ve seen. can anyone please advise?


Hi Saba!

Most work in the exact same way as your current switches! (With a neutral or a dimmer with no neutral wire)

The wiring is fairly straight forward if you’ve wired lights before.

The only thing you’ll want to watch out for in multi-gang boxes is the wattage load. I have quite a few ‘neutral-less’ dimmers around the house, however if you have more than one per box you’ll want to read the instructions on what load they can handle.
- For example- my GE Dimmers by themselves can handle a 600W load. Two next to each other can handle a 500W load, and three together can handle a 400W load AT MAX.

There’s plenty of people on here more knowledgable than me, so ask away!