Need help with GE smart switch witing 4 way

I have a new home built in 2016 and I think electrician screwed me with wiring. I have done around 14 switches so far. One 3 way didnt have beutral and electrician friend helped me rewire to work. Now attempting 4 way and only 1 box has a neutral. Can I still use these? 361497F5-1592-4D11-B94A-7D52B1EBB86625F9D190-D85B-48F7-9FF7-77C7CF3E131B

I don’t think the electrician screwed you over. It’s a 4 ways and you don’t run neutral at every single switch box. You need neutral at one box to be able to switch to smart switches so yes it’s doable. I can’t comment further since it’s hard to know what kind of wiring Config you have. Have a look at this site and see which is your wiring Config.

I thought all boxes require neutrals to use ge smart switches?

Yes each GE switch requires a neutral. When you figure out where your line and load are you can use your existing wires to get neutral to all the switches.

I would focus on the box in your second picture. That box has quite a few wires and may have a neutral you can leverage. But again as Ray mentioned you need to figure out your wiring first and we can help from there.

Luckily, 3 and 4 way switches have multiple travelers while the GE add on switches only need 1 traveler and a neutral. So you can re-purpose some travelers as neutrals if you tie them into the circuit neutral and remove them from load, common, and hot connections. Like @ritchierich was saying.

Basically, you need to find out which switch has the wire that goes directly to the light fixture. It’s likely that switch will need to be the main smart switch dimmer controller, while the other boxes will be add-on switches.

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