Light scenes are not turning off

Suddenly after several years of working without any problems my scenes are stuck in on state, and wont turn off. This only happens to scenes which are controlled by motion sensors i think. I have in total 4 rooms with motion sensors and they all give the same problem.

This is how it should work: When motion gets triggered the lights turn on by activating a scene. After x minutes the scenes and lamps turn off again. I use webcore to do this. The problem is that after x mins webcore sends the command to turn off lamps and scenes, but the scenes do not turn off. The next time motion gets triggered the scene is still on, so the lamps dont turn on anymore.
Also the scenes cannot be turned off by clicking off in the ST app, i need to press the momentary below it to toggle to off state.

I havent made any recent changes to anything. In the hue app everything works fine. Webcore also sends all commands still and gives no errors. Its also not a wifi problem or anything like that. So i am guessing its something with ST or the Hue B smart scene.
Anyone knows how to solve this? Thanks!