Dim Level for GE Switch via motion

Hey all,

I am wondering if anyone can help with an issue as I have no experience in actually writing smart apps etc.

I have it set to turn on via a motion detector at night to use as a night light in the bathroom.

If I dim the switch using the dashboard I can set the dim level as low as I want. I have found 5% is a good level for nighttime darkness. But when setting it up to turn on via motion I can only choose increments of 10 and the lowest I can go is 10% which actually makes a huge difference when it’s pitch black.

Is there any way to change this or can some with experience help me write something to go lower on the dimming.

I am not a newbie in terms of technology but am still pretty much a newb in terms of smart things. Just trying to feel my way through it all.

Any help at all would be most appreciated.



Which SmartApp are you using to dim it with motion?

see this is where my “newbiness” is really going to get me. I tried “Smart Nightlight” but didn’t see an option for dim level at all. So I have just set it up through the light switch’s settings.

Did I miss something? I really hate being so unfamiliar with an aspect of technology.



I think I know where you are setting your dimmer level. I believe it’s the “Light Turn On Motion” under the Lights & Switches category. You can add your own SmartApp under the Development options. I think there is already a SmartApp called “Smart Night Light - Dimmable” that is located under the Convenience category when you’re browsing for SmartApps.

To use the “Smart Night Light - Dimmable” SmartApp, follow these directions:

  1. In your web browser, go to the Developer’s Web IDE.
  2. Browse to My SmartApps
  3. Create a new SmartApp
  4. Fill in anything for Name, Author, and Description (these fields are temporary).
  5. Once you’re in the edit code, click on Browse SmartApps -> Browse Shared SmartApps
  6. Browse to the Convenience category.
  7. Find the Smart Night Light - Dimmable SmartApp
  8. Click the Overwrite button in the lower right.
  9. Click Save and Publish -> For Me.

In the ST mobile app

  1. Click the + icon on the bottom
  2. Browse all the way to the right to the “My Apps” category
  3. Install the Smart Night Light - Dimmable SmartApp

Hopefully this will help you out.


wow. seriously awesome! thank you so much.

how long does it usually take for the “my apps” section to appear in the app once you’ve submitted the app?

I will let you know if it works.

Thanks again!



The “my apps” section is still not showing up in the app. The app shows in the “my smart apps” in the developer section and everything looks right, so Not sure if I have done something wrong.

any thoughts



Got the “my apps” situation figured out. had to sign out of the app and back in. Now going to try the app.

Thanks again for your help




Holy crap, that’s how you get that??? LOL… I had no idea, now I have My Apps. That makes a whole lot more sense!

Please, SOMEBODY pin this tutorial to the top of the ST Forum opening page!!! 100 likes!