Dim to less than 10%

have in wall dimmer switches, with led lights. I would like to dim some to 1% when I say goodnight, with others being turned off. Dimming is only in increments of 10% though. Any way around this?

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I have Non-ST dimmers that allow me to go to 1% but the lights actually turn off just over10% no matter what kind of light I have hooked up so be aware this might be a limitation with the bulbs not the dimmer.

Thanks for your response.

my dimmer switches and LEDs do go down to 1%. No problem it is just through the apps within smart things that smart things only does 10% increments. That is the problem I am having with

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@Malathan - what SmartApp are you using? I’d like to look into this a bit.

One thing I’ve noticed is that I have a LED light bulb connected to a dimmer that will not light when set to below, say, about 15%. If you light it at 20% and then dim down to 10% or even lower, it works fine. I don’t know if this is a function of the dimmer or the bulb . … but I’m curious.

I’m wondering if the standard SmartApps would benefit from some LED-specific functionality to address the fact that the dimming response is different and there may be starting issues with some. the dusk-to-dawn app I wrote addresses some of this in the code.

I am using the built in action/app for “goodnight!”. I use it to turn lights in the house off. It also allows you to turn certain lights on and set dim level, but only in increments of 10%.

I have some led light bulbs (wink bulbs) that do as you mention, not light below 7%. Lights in bathroom are using in wall Linear dimmer and recessed led cans. These go down all the way to 1%. I will have to check that they turn on at 1% too, but I think they do. Guessing, I think it is primarily the bulb that limits the percentage at which they are active/lit. Don’t know if external dimmer switches come in to play (wink bulbs have their own dimming capability built in).

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Maybe it’s a late question, but did you manage to make it work?
My bulbs are also dimmable well to 1%, and I can do it from the ST app manually.
But once I use SmartApp to automate a script, it still decrements to 10% only.

I think the Smart Lighting app still only does 10% increments but if you use webCoRE you can do 1%.

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It would be really nice if ST just allowed it to be an integer value in Smart Lighting…

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It would be really nice if ST just allowed it to be an integer value in Smart Lighting…

Me too; I just upgraded some bathroom lighting to LED, and had the bathroom lights set to turn on to 10% when there was motion in the hall at night via the Smartthings SmartLighting app. With the LEDs it’s much too bright but at 1% it’s perfect. Seems like a lot of trouble to install WebCore & set it up just for that small adjustment. Plus I prefer local automatons. Is WebCore the ONLY way to automate a light below 10% ?

With LED lights becoming the norm we really need finer adjustments beyond 10% increments.

There’s a significantly more robust rule engine coming and you know they’re serious as they employed no less than one of the creators of CoRE.

It may not be soon but it’ll be coming.

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But seriously, that sounds amazing.

Keep in mind that a lot of standard bulbs or switches can’t really do less than 7-10%, so even if you could pick 1% it might not work.

LIFX bulbs go to 1%.

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Quite true, more annoyingly most of my bulbs WILL go to 1% however, some of them won’t turn on initially until ~10%

I can set these bulbs to 1% manually with the slider in the smartthings app

Yes, but that doesn’t mean they are at 1%. Can you see a difference between 10%, 5%, and 1%? If so you are good to go with the bulb / switch.

Yes, huge difference from 10% down to 1%, and you can see the steps at 1% increments from 10% all the way down to 1%. These bulbs also ramp up much quicker than the incandescent bulbs they replaced (which is fine by me). I’m using the GE Z-Wave dimmer switch and these bulbs: https://www.lowes.com/pd/GE-Basic-3-Pack-50-W-Equivalent-Dimmable-Warm-White-Mr16-LED-Light-Fixture-Light-Bulb/1000443973