Light Control Using Door Sensor - Cant set day time only

So here is the most basic thing you can ask a “Smart Home” system to do: Turn on the hallway light when I open the door - Except if its DAYTIME.

Samsung Smartthings - Smart Lighting app does this? Well not really.

I cant tell set the automation to not turn on the light during the day (between sunrise and sunset with offset). So every time we open the door during the sunny bright hot day, the lights turn on and we dont even notice they are on until night rolls and we realize we have wasted so much energy.

Can someone please add the option to have the light only turn on between sunset and sunrise and not during the day?

I was able to do it with CoRe and it works very nicely.

Just my 2 cents.


This is very easy to do with Smart Lighting. Just add a restriction to only execute between sunset and sunrise.

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Core is great, but you don’t need it for this. You can do this using the official features.

As with many things, SmartThings is very powerful, but not very intuitive. You use the official “smartlights” feature, and after you select the light and the sensor, you can pick “more options,” then restrict the time when the automation will apply.

And then you end up with the following SmartLighting automation, which does just what you asked for:

So the options are there, they’re just not easy to find.

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Oh Mr. @JDRoberts, humble pie you serve indeed!!! :slight_smile:


It’s not the OP’s fault, SmartThings has many pluses, but “discoverability” is not one of them. :sunglasses: