Help! Create routine for light turns only at night

I have a door sensor connected to my patio. How do I have it turn on the lights between 7pm to 5am when I open door?

So far the only way I can do it is with a motion sensor. Thanks for any help

You can set routines to time or to sunrise/sunset in the settings. You can also use CoRE.

I have smart lighting controlling my deck light when the door is opened.

Select your light
Select Turn on
For trigger select open/close
Select your door sensor
Select turn on when opened

Under more options select only during certain time
select sunset to sunrise Or I believe you can set a specific start and stop time there also.

I then set up another smart lighting automation to turn it off after 10 minutes using the power allowance trigger.

Hope this helps.


Sorry for being a total noob at this. In the at sunrise or sunset settings, it’s either or. Not from sunrise to sunset.

And below it, there is the after or before sunrise time. Not sure how that setting works.

Any help how to set a range of time. Thanks!

The amount of time before or after is an offset to allow you to custom set the lights. For example, if sunset at your location is 7:00 pm but your house actually gets dark at 6:50 pm then you adjust the time to 10 minutes before sunset. You can create a routine to turn on at sunset then off another on to turn off at sunrise.

TN_Oldman described how to use smart lighting which is found in Marketplace (bottom right corner), then SmartApps (top right corner), then lights & switches, then Smart Lights. It can be turned on at sunset and off at sunrise.

CoRE is similar to routines but has more options. If you’re familiar with IFTTT, it’s like that and can use routines also.

You can specify a specific time range.


Thanks for the more detailed backup!

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Thanks everyone for your help! I was trying to do everything with routines. I followed everyone’s instruction and now know to go to the marketplace > smartapps and set up the light automation from there. Thanks again! Here’s hoping never to physically touch a light switch again.