A when offline status for automations

If there could be a if device is showing offline, I have some Zigbee lights that very occasionally go offline, I have made this easier by putting a Wi-Fi plug in the loop to, so I can remotely reboot them. But if there could be an if offline for more than n minutes the I could set the switch to turn off wait and turn on…??? What do we think? At the very least we could get notifications sent to speakers to say offline…


I would like this also so that I can use an old fashioned light switch to turn off a bunch of hue bulbs.

I can’t help on the status notification, but just wanted to make sure you were aware that Phillips hue bulbs are designed to always be on power. If you frequently cut and restore the power to them with a regular dumb switch you can significantly reduce the lifespan of what are already expensive bulbs. it’s OK if the power just goes out two or three times a year during an emergency outage, but if you are turning them on and off with regular switches all the time, the inrush current when the power is restored can damage the internal radio. obviously that’s your choice, I just wanted to make sure you were aware of the issue.

On top of that, these bulbs act as repeaters for other bulbs on the same hue bridge and if you cut the power to some you may make it impossible for others elsewhere in the house to communicate with the hue bridge because they were previously routing through the one that you cut the power to. This can result in your entire system feeling like it’s unreliable and that commands only work part of the time.

Again, that’s your choice, but it is something to be aware of. This brand just isn’t designed to work with dumb switches.

If you want a smart bulb that doesn’t have these issues, look at Sengled. They are designed to be okay if a dumb switch is used.

It doesn’t solve your original question of being notified when a bulb is off-line, but at least you won’t damage your devices or your network. :thinking: