LIFX introduces new outdoor Matter over WiFi models (Feb 2024)

You may recall that LIFX was acquired by Feit A couple of years ago, and has not introduced any new models since.

But now a major new announcement: multiple new devices, all rated for outdoor use, all using Matter over WiFi, all with color changing. This includes two different shapes of small lanterns, string lights in the usual bead style, and a “flexi cable“ in the same form as the Hue outdoor light strips. Prices are towards the high-end in this category but noticeably less than Hue.

Because of the matter integration, they should work out of the box with smartthings with no custom code required. If anyone gets one, please let us know how it goes.

In the US they will initially only be available at Home Depot.

HomeKit news did their usual detailed review with lots of specs:

If you start at the LIFX website and choose a particular model, the product description page will have a link to the Home Depot page where you can order it online. They don’t seem to be stocked in stores yet.


Home Depot is clearly trying different price strategies for these. The LED string light has gone back up in price while the path light has come down somewhat. Since they have an exclusive on these they can price them pretty much how they want and they may just be testing the market.