LIFX Z LED strip

Does anyone know how well LIFX LED strips work with smartthings? They are not listed in the marketplace and I cannot find a discussion on the forum that addresses it. Any help would be great.

Mine were added via normal auto detection but they count a regular color bulb from lifx. So no controlling the different segments unfortunately.

Just out of curiosity, what Filx over Lightify? The Lightify starter set is about $30 cheaper and gives you 3x the length.

To be honest - it was the separate white LED on the LIFX combined with the fact that I have 2 LIFX bulbs. I want my whites to be true and to save $30 for something that is a permanent fixture in my house wasn’t an issue. These should last for as long as I live there.

As long as I can control the color properly - the segments aren’t a big deal. Hopefully someone will create a new device handler for it at some point that allows for full control.

The Lightify strips are RGBW as well, so you should be able to tune the white to match your two LIFX bulbs. Not trying to change your mind, just putting the option out there. I agree that $30 is not that big a deal if you only need the one 2m strip. In my use case, the kitchen cabinets, I need 6m (really 6.5m) of strips and two power supplies/controllers. Using Lightify that will set me back $114 for two starter sets and $30 for some cables to split two of the strips across my stove. A total of $144 vs. LIFX at $270.

I am very intrigued by LIFX’s 3rd gen bulbs with the 1100 lumens and their IR bulbs.

I have been very pleased with the lifx+. I have a nest cam and am amazed at how bright the IR is when viewed in the dark.

Care to post a screenshot with and without the IR light on?

Here it is. With me sitting in the dark there is NO light of any kind coming off the bulb - no red glow or anything. You cannot tell the bulb is giving off anything.



Wow, that is quite a difference! We currently have Blink cameras on the inside of our house, but if I was to switch to a camera system with IR night vision, these bulbs would be a must.

Not sure but I bought into Lifx and am happy with the quality of their stuff. Also I own lots of led strips and these are by far the brightest and best color I have encountered. Also being able to change the color of each segment is pretty darn awesome.

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Lifx is definately over priced but again all of my bulbs are Lifx and I can do more color combinations using the single ecosystem. I would love a review on lightify RGBW vs Lifx Z.

I would upgrade all of my previous gen bulbs if Lifx supported harmony ir blasting via this infrared capability.

If you’re looking for a way to sync TV on/off and led strips - I use a smart things outlet with energy monitoring. I use CORe to set rules based on energy usage - so when the outlet is consuming between 0.5-1.5watts (standby) the led strips are dimmed to 20%, and when I turn on the TV, the outlet detects usage over say, 5watts, then the led’s are ramped up to 80%. Conversely, when the TV is in standby for more than 3 hours or the house is in night mode, the outlet turns off with the TV and the LEDs.

sorry it was just a guess based on your comment about IR blasting capability.

Clever, i like this. My comment about IR blasting was different and related to how harmony works. Right now i have to run these long wired mini blasters all over the house so harmony can signal all of my ir devices (tv in each room). But harmony does know how to use lifx bulbs, so if they could also use the ir feature of the lights, this could give wireless ir blasting capability. No more wires.

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How do these compare to the Hue Strip? I never heard of them until recently. LIFX seems brighter, and more leds per strip. I also like that it has color zoning. However, I already have a HUE set up at my house including Hue Strips for my kitchen cabinets.

Did anyone find a dh to control these? I see in st supported devices the strips aren’t listed…not sure how to go about integrating into st?