Lifx Color Change Automation

Hi- I am new to SmartThings. I would like to create an automation that triggers my lifx z strip lights to change to a specified color when motion is detected. Currently, I am able to turn my Lifx lights on as part of an automation but when I try to select the option of changing the color (i.e. Red) I get the error:

“Network Error. Couldn’t add automation”

In addition, I also get a Network error when I try to create a scene to change the lifx light strips to a certain color.

I am very confused because I can manually change the color of the light strips in the SmartHome app but nothing through automations or scenes.

I am using the V3 Hub and using the latest Smartthings app on IOS. Any advice is appreciated.

Update: SmartThings support says this is a known issue.

If you know any workarounds I would greatly appreciate it.

Use Lifx group of groups DTH, then assign it to the lights you want to control, then trigger it using an automation as desired. It will work.

Is the group of groups DTH still going to be maintained when groovy goes away?

We don’t really know what the migration will look like so it’s difficult to say if it can still work or not.