LIFX bulbs with ST—can I use effects and themes like the ones in the LIFX app?

I just purchased a LIFX bulb to test and see if I like them. I have the ST hub so I connected them to the hub and also downloaded the LIFX app as well.

Have to say the LIFX app is very nice and easy to use. I really like the effects as well as some of the themes.

Anyway to have those effects or themes in scenes in the ST hub? I also noticed in my Alexa app it has the bulb twinge one from LIFX app and the other fro ST.

As long you use it via Webcore you can access scenes

Ok thanks not sure what WebCoRE is, but I guess I will do my research.

I DL Webcore and have been checking out how to create pistons.

How would I go about getting the LIFX bulbs to turn on to the specific LIFX effect or theme?

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