Do LIFX bulbs work with Smartthings scenes?

I can operate my LIFX 800 bulb with my Smartthings app, but when I created my first scene today (yay!) all my devices responded perfectly except for my LIFX 800 bulb, which sat there unchanged, thumbing its nose at me. Is there any fix for this?

What is your setup like?

I have a similar problem, haven’t found any solution yet so probably will have to recreate many elaborate scenes half in SmartThings for lights on pocket sockets, and the rest in the LIFX app and fire that from webcore.

Very frustrating to have to break up such a simple, basic function from the hub between various apps and sources. It’s like some parts of the scene will work, some won’t - the LIFX lights usually turn on or off, but don’t fully complete the requested changes in color, brightness, or color temp… Have to execute the scene anywhere from 2-9 times for desired changes to all take effect. Nobody else has this issue???