LIFX built in device not working?

Anyone got the built in LIFX device type working ?

From Connect New Device/Lights and Switches/LIght Bulbs/Lifx… the app doesnt do anything when I hit Connect but does create non functional LIFX (connect) SmartApps.

BTW, the community supplied DeviceType did work well on my v1 hub, so I might go back to that.

There seems to be a general cloud-to-cloud oauth issue with UK accounts, see this thread: IFTTT and SmartThings (UK accounts) .

Has anyone noticed on the iOS app that the Lifx light bulbs have disappeared completely, is this because of the OAuth issues or are they no longer supported?

Lifx is listed as comming soon in the uk, it might by why it was pulled in the uk. It is still available state side.

But it was showing in the list of available lightning devices up until yesterday.

I don’t know if LiFX was displaying before. We pushed out new versions of the SmartThings app and it now should (temporarily) not be visible in the Marketplace. However, we are super excited to have LiFX as part of our Works with SmartThings program - it is going live very soon.

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Any news on when LIFX will be working in UK?

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+1 Having invested in 4 bulbs when they were “on the list” I’m just a little peeved off they disappeared.

After all, the very soon post was 2 weeks ago.

Yes - annoyed also! I would like a proper update.

Hi Aaron,
When will the temporary removal be reversed please?

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Please fix this. My lights are slowly being migrated over to lifx and not having it working with SmartThings is a big annoyance!

My understanding is that lifx will be cloud to cloud and should arrive shortly after the oauth fix is released (i am aware of that is a somewhat indeterminate timeline stacked on another indeterminate timeline, but I believe the LiFX integration is near completion and requires a bit of QA after Oauth is out).

Thanks for the patience!


Thanks Aaron - by cloud to cloud - does that mean the response of a LIFX bulb to a stimuli detected by SmartThings - is going to have a delay like that when using IFTTT?

I would like lights to turn on when the ST motion sensor detects movement - but I want the light instantaneously. Thoughts?