How is Life360 better than ST at smart phone presence?

I’ve been reading the various threads on here about people you Life360 and/or ST’s built in geofencing. What I’ve not been able to figure out is how Life360 would be any better than ST? They both use the phones geofencing system correct? That means we are still limited to a 500 foot minimum fence. Is the 360 app just better at knowing where your phone is?

[quote=“Etoimos, post:1, topic:73899, full:true”]. Is the 360 app just better at knowing where your phone is?

For some people, yes. It’s not clear why. Typically if the SmartThings mobile app regular presence works just fine for you, that’s all you need to do. But if for whatever reason it doesn’t seem to be working, some people find the life 360 works better for them. It’s just an alternative to consider.

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Thanks JD. I’ve read that thread (and many others) but there does not seem to be an easy solution for this. It’s kind of disappointing when you think how long the ST system has been around.

My system is so small right now, I don’t have a problem per say, just looking to the future and trying to learn stuff.

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I am not sure why either but life360 is super reliable for me compare to my phone presence. Maybe it’s the way ST is getting the data from the phone.

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Its all about location presence polling. The Life 360 app does it a bit more/faster than the default Google and or Apple implementation.

Is it possible to set different size geofencing for different people? For example, I’d like to have the geofence for my wife and my phone be 1 mile and for my kids 500 feet.

There is a limit to the minimum radius but you can move the radius around. I move my radius away from my main street to get around d this problem.

Nope. One geofence per location.