Life 360 on 2 ST Hubs?

I am currently battling an issue where my location services does not turn on in the ST app (New).
So hoping I can get around this issue since ST & and Apple point the finger at each other.

I have 2 hubs in my home separated by name location: Home / Security. To plan is to eventually migrate everything to one hub, but this is another story.

The Home hub has some lights Life 360 and integrated with my Tuxedo touch. It also has Life 360 so that it can arm my alarm system etc.

The 2nd hub is location: Security, this handles new lights or replaced zwave devices ( since you can not add anything to ST hub when integrated to Tuxedo). I would like to use presence to arm / disarm a perimeter contact switch using geofence , but the location geofence button switch does not stay on when switched on. It does not seem as if I can add Life 360 to this 2nd hub ( I maybe wrong).

Is there another way/ app ( or use Life360 on 2 hubs)etc. that I can use to get presence, I really dont want to carry a presences device would rather use phone.

A lot of people are having problems with presence with the new 2021 app, but it sounds like you’ve probably already seen those threads. @jkp knows more about this issue.

As far as other options besides life360, the free Alexa app (you just need an Amazon account, but you don’t need an echo device) and IFTTT (subscription required if you create more than three rules) can both trigger from their own Geo presence sensing and use that to turn on a virtual device in the smartthings. So those might be other possibilities.

Alexa app, use “location” as the trigger for an Alexa routine:



Thanks JDRoberts for this info. So do I need both services ( Alexa & IFTTT) or can I just use Alexa?

You can just use Alexa. Those are two separate third-party integrations that each have their own Geopresence and that each can trigger a smartthings virtual device to turn on. You’ll create an Alexa routine triggered on “location.” You have to have the Alexa app running on the phone you want to use as the presence device since that’s where it gets the location from.

Now I already have this Alexa integration with my 1st hub, Am I able to have it as well on the second hub?

I don’t know exactly how it works now, hopefully someone else will.